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You’re part of the problem, Boniface Mwangi tells tenants of demolished buildings

Civil rights activist Boniface Mwangi is back at it. Mr Mwangi is now calling out tenants in illegally constructed premises, accusing them of being part of the problem and then crying when hit.

“As Southend Mall is being demolished there are “innocent” business owners who will cry foul but they’re part of the problem. You should never rent or spend money on a building built on a wetland, ontop of a river, that’s supporting impunity. Avoid legitimising thieves. Be Ethical,” wrote Mr Mwangi.

The Sh2 billion mall was brought down on Wednesday morning by National Environmental Management Authority (Nema).

The mall has for long been blamed for flooding in Nairobi West as it blocked various tributaries into the Ngong River during the rainy season.

In fact, some Nairobians raised alarm during its construction and called for its demolition.

Staff of businesses operating inside the mall were seen rescuing valuables and owners complained of lack of a notice.


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The same scenario was witnessed on Monday when Nema bulldozers brought down Shell petrol station and Java House restaurant.

Most of Mwangi’s followers agreed with him.

NyagarichmanBrathy wrote: “unagusa mahali…….”

Mumophilip said: “Impunity must and shall be stopped by all necessary means. We can’t live like rats.”

The_cheddybear added: “Louder! For the people in the back!”

Tytannick quipped: “Kenyans are part of the rot. We should not support corruption.”

Jdndungu said: “Business owners in this building started knowingly that it was controversial, but sad thing we have that attitude, it’s not gonna happen to me, so if they lose, they knew.”