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Former Youth Fund boss fined Sh1million for abuse of office

A former chief executive officer of Youth Enterprise Development Fund has been fined Sh1 million for abuse of office.

The court found that Mr Juma Mwatata Mwangala failed to comply with procurement procedures in the award of a tender for the supply of Sh200 million hatcheries. The automated hatcheries were to be distributed to youths across the country.

Milimani Anti-corruption Court magistrate Felix Kombo said Mr Mwangala will serve six months in jail if he fails to pay the fine.

The court ruled that the prosecution proved beyond doubt that Mr Mwangala did not comply with the procurement regulations. The court also heard that the former CEO used his office to confer a benefit on Comnete Technologies Ltd.

The court heard that Mr Mwangala committed the offence on August 16, 2012 being the accounting officer of the Youth Enterprise Development Fund.

The former CEO was accused of awarding the contract of Sh208, 530,000 to Comnete for the supply, delivery and installation of 1,050 hatching machines without the requisite approval of the Corporation’s Board.


Mr Kombo said Mr Mwangala used his influence to pay the supplier in advance before the payment bond was made to the Youth Fund.

The magistrate however acquitted Mr Mwangala on two other counts of engaging in a project without prior planning and failure to comply with the laws relating to management of public funds due to lack of sufficient evidence.

The court heard that payment was made the same day and paid before the supplier provided the advance payment bond of 30 per cent as required in the contract.

Consequently, the supplier banked Sh62.5 million on the same day the contract was signed. The supplier provided the bond later on August 20, 2012.

Meanwhile, a police officer has been convicted and fined Sh175,000 by the same court for soliciting and receiving a bribe of Sh20,000.

Police Constable, Richard Loisa Sekengei was found guilty of soliciting and receiving the money from a member of public to facilitate processing of a passport.

The administration police officer, who was attached to Nyayo House at the time he committed the offence, will pay Sh100,000 for soliciting the bribe and another Sh75,000 for receiving the bribe.