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30 youth with STDs locked out of KDF recruitment

By STEPHEN ODUOR November 23rd, 2018 2 min read

More than 30 youth in Tana River County have missed out on Kenya Defense Forces jobs after they tested positive to various sexually transmitted diseases.

Speaking to journalists in Hola, Lieutenant Colonel Paul Arusa said he was surprised by the big number of the youths who seem to have been engaging in unprotected sex, after carrying out tests on more than 50 of them.

“I do not know whether it is the culture of this place that allows the youth to engage in unprotected sex, because most of those we tested were suffering from STIs. However, we managed to get the candidates we wanted,” said Cln Arusa.

He also said the youth were also found to have varicose veins in their legs, feet and arms, in tests carried out during the KDF recruitment exercise at the Hola Stadium Thursday.


Varicose veins are dark purple or blue coloured knotty, twisted and enlarged veins in the feet or legs. Their presence and could signal a high risk of blood circulatory problems among sufferers.

The Colonel said about 300 youths turned up for the exercise at the Hola Stadium, and that most of those who qualified to the medical examination stage were found with STIs.

Mr Aruasa attributed the presence of varicose veins to the harsh climatic conditions in Tana River County.

“I do not know why many youths have twisted and bulging veins in their feet, legs and arms, but I suppose it is because of the harsh climatic conditions of this area,” he said.


He said the team had difficulties getting the right candidates as those who were first during the 4km race had to be turned away for the mentioned reasons.

At the same time, one youth turned violent immediately after completing the 4km race, shouting and kicking everybody around while another fainted and had to be attended to by KDF medical personnel.

The young man hit a police inspector on the chest as he shouted: “Oh God take me home,” forcing the officers to subdue him by tying his hands at the back. His uncle later came and took him away.

During the exercise, three young men and one ex-National Youth Service serviceman, were selected to join the KDF training school in January 2019.