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Youth to be paid Sh1000 for catching a snake

Youths in Tharaka Nithi are to be paid Sh1000 for catching a snake to be kept in a park that is being constructed to boost tourism.

The county Tourism executive Mugambi Mauru said he has organized with a professional snake catcher from Naivasha who will guide the local youths in trapping them.

“The exercise of catching the snakes will be very simple once we start because we have a professional from Naivasha who will lead youths in this work,” he said. 

Mr Mauru said that the county government will part with Sh1000 for every one and half meter snake caught.

“For those who will be able to catch the snake, we will be paying Sh1000 for one and half meter snake but we don’t want people to take risks because of money and that’s why we have hired a professional who will lead in the exercise,” said Mr Mauru.

The snake park, whose construction has already started, will start by rearing local species and later import others from other counties and outside Kenya.

The executive said the county will also construct a good bird watching area since the area is full of fascinating birds which are naturally available.   


Mr Mauru said that it will be easy to find snakes in the locality because they are commonly found under the rocks especially at the slopes of hills and along the rivers where it is cool.

“Once we start catching the snakes it will be simple because they are readily available in the surrounding. One cannot walk for many metres in the bushes before finding one and we hope with a professional we will trap them without causing harm because they are dangerous,” he assured.

Meanwhile, he warned children from running after snakes once they see them.

“We are not allowing children in this exercise because it is risky,” appealed the CEC.

The Tharaka Nithi government is constructing a Sh2.5 million snake park to help attract more tourists.

The park is being established at Chiakariga village in Tharaka South district. Lying in an acre tourism centre, the park will have snakes, crocodiles, birds and medicinal plants.

The snakes will be caged while the crocodile will be put in a pool which will be made by turning a galley at the centre into a water pan.