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Youths fight Mungiki comeback

By FAITH NYAMAI February 7th, 2014 1 min read

Youths in Eastleigh, Mathare and Mlango Kubwa have launched  an anti-Mungiki campaign.

Area chief Moses Gamia said they had grouped up youths to watch out for the outlawed gang members in the three areas.

“We have also assigned patrol police officers who will help the youths in monitoring the area,” said Gamia.

The administration is also planning to open two police posts and more chief’s camps in Mathare and Mlango Kubwa to help in reducing the robbery-with-violence cases.

“We have identified some pieces of land where these posts will be built by next month,” he said.

Mlango Kubwa youth chairman Charles Kyalo said the groups had vowed to ensure Mungiki members would not be able to rob residents again.

Residents alleged that robbers, who were believed to be Mungiki were operating in groups and robbing residents on their way home.

“We have decided to man this area day and night and ensure that no resident will be attacked by the thugs” said Kyalo.