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YouTuber Chebet Ronoh revives beef with Kate Actress, she responds

YouTuber Chebet Ronoh has sparked a heated online debate by accusing actress Catherine Kamau, popularly known as Kate Actress, of allegedly copying her content.

The controversy unfolded on Ronoh’s X handle, where she explicitly called out Kate Actress and made a series of claims regarding content theft.

“Kate actress just be stealing my content daily,” Ronoh alleged in a post that quickly circulated across social media platforms.

In response, Kate Actress swiftly addressed the accusations, asserting that her content is inspired by another content creator and radio host, Auntie Jemimah.

She shared a photo of Auntie Jemimah on her Instagram, captioning it with, “Coolest Rich Auntie. My Inspo.”

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She didn’t hesitate to target scriptwriter Abel Mutua in her latest social media saga, teasing the release of private messages between them with the remark, “Anyway if I release Abel Mutua’s dms to me.”

This isn’t the first time Chebet Ronoh has accused fellow content creators of appropriating her work.

Back in March 2023, Ronoh also stirred controversy by claiming that both Kate Actress and Elsa Majimbo were capitalizing on her fame and creativity.

“I began this sh!t. Why are we pretending Elsa Majimbo is funny? They copy everything I do mahn…lay to sleep the copy cats,” she declared.

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At the time, Kate Actress responded in a rather friendly way, pouring water on the beef that would have otherwise escalated into a much-publicised spat.

“We love Aunty Debs, we want to be Aunty Debs, the rich aunty. You are such an incredible, consistent content creator. I celebrate you Rono. Keep shining,” she responded.

Ronoh later apologized for the people she had called out saying she had received a call that prompted her to apologize for her behavior.

“Apologies to anyone I’ve offended I have received a call that has told me the truth let me go on a hiatus and heal again I apologize for my behavior.”