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YouTuber Mungai Eve reacts to body enhancement reports

YouTube sensation Eve Mungai conceedes she’s added considerable weight around her hips, but is quick to maintain the changes are ‘natural’.

The 22-year-old popular YouTuber made the observation during an online interview coming at a time she has been forced to deny rumours of using a body enhancement procedure.

“Personally, I’ve always been between 46-48 kgs,” she explained.

“The highest I’ve ever gotten I think is 48 kgs and it is probably because I was battling ulcers, which would come once in a while. I appreciate the fact that in the past year I haven’t had complications.”

She further suggested the changes in her body could be because she is still growing.

“I’m not a foodie person. Normally I go with one meal per day or two. I think maybe I’m just getting older, I’m growing so maybe it’s the changes. I wouldn’t want to be bigger than this, I just want to be here. Actually what I’ve added are just the hips, my waist is still like 24,” she remarked.

The Youtuber also defended her boyfriend and director Trevor after he was bashed online for reasons that have not quite been made clear.

“I’m not saying I’m not kind, but Trevor is kinder. I’m not defending him because he’s my boyfriend, I’m just being honest. Personally, my character, I don’t entertain so many things. Normally I don’t entertain nonsense,” she explained.

“For Trevor, you find that someone could be bothering him but he’ll always be there listening. So Trevor does not have an issue. He has come across a lot of hatred especially online. I think people hate Trevor probably because he has me and we are doing well,”

Mungai who currently commands a loyal subscriber count of 556K added that people have a mentality that men are not supposed to support their women and that jealousy could be playing a part in the hatred her boyfriend is receiving.

“You know having this beauty, the brains. But I think it’s like human nature for people to think that men are not supposed to support their women or something like that,” she said.