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YouTuber Mungai Eve reveals condition behind her ‘pregnant’ appearance

Popular content creator Mungai Eve has seemingly had enough of ongoing rumors that she may be expectant, prompting her to come clean on her supposedly ‘growing belly’.

The petite YouTuber, has spent the last few months telling off netizens who claim she will soon be a mother of one.

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Eve came out to reveal that she battles gas which makes her belly swell, further stating the condition has become even more persistent recently after she was diagnosed with food poisoning.

“Seems some of my fans really want to see me pregnant. I shared I have been battling gas for long, it keeps coming back even after being treated, and recently it got worse after I was diagnosed with food poisoning,” said Eve.

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While Eve appreciated the blessings many were praying for her she said it was not the appropriate time for her to start her own family.

“You all stop praying for me blessings that I ain’t ready for. The issue here is gastritis, ulcers, and H pylori, that was the discussion,” she said.

The YouTuber has previously had to rubbish claims she is pregnant for her boyfriend and business partner Trevor, saying she and her partner are not yet ready for that step in their lives. 

She added saying that everyone has their life plans and life was not just centered around having children. The conversation has not only affected her but also her boyfriend Director Trevor who has also occasionally received similar questions.

“You all should stop telling us to get children as the rest have, everyone has their life plans and again being a woman doesn’t mean your purpose is only to get children!! everyone at their own pace,” she stated.

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Director Trevor on his part said unplanned childbirth could be a reason one’s life takes a different direction insisting that getting a child should be something thought over.

Just a few weeks ago, Eve was on the spot after a man came out to claim that he was instrumental in the content creator’s rise to fame.

The YouTuber was immediately prompted to release a statement responding to the viral video where the man by the name of CP Karao alleged that he had aided in Mungai’s successful career.

The man has since recanted and apologized to Eve and to the brands associated with her brand.