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Yvette: Don’t call me Bahati baby mama

Bahati’s baby Mama has stressed she has her own identity apart from sharing a child with the gospel singer.

She spoke during an interview with Massawe Japanni on Radio Jambo.

“The right way to address me should be the mother of Bahati’s child. Not baby Mama, when I hear about baby Mama, it comes like someone dramatic,” she said.

Adding, “I bump into people in town, and they go like, there goes Bahati’s baby Mama. God! I have my own name.”

The 27-year-old shares a daughter (Mueni) with the singer from his previous relationship.

When asked what ended her relationship with the father of her daughter, Yvette Obura simply said they fell out of love.

“There is nothing bad that happened, I just think people fell in and out of love and at some point, we fell out of love. After I gave birth, I fell out of love with Bahati,” she added.

When it comes to communication in regard to their daughter, Yvette says she talks directly to Diana Marua, current wife of Bahati.

Vyette also revealed that she has never posted his current boyfriend on social media and doesn’t even plan on ‘unveiling’ him anytime soon.