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Yvette Obura: My dad didn’t approve Bahati’s pregnancy

Gospel artist Yvette Obura says her father was mad at her when she got pregnant with singer Bahati’s child.

At the time of the pregnancy, the mother of one was still studying and the pregnancy forced her to drop out for some time.

She says that at 22 years, the news of the pregnancy came as a shocker to her father, leading to a cut-off in communication between the two.

“My dad did not talk to me for two years. He was like, you’ve disappointed me, you are my favourite kid, you did well in school why did you do this to me?” Yvette recalls.

“Well, whatever happened, happened by then, I was in the university already when it happened I had to discontinue. I was so easy with the situation, but to him, being the military dad, he was feeling disappointed, he was like look at your elder sisters? Nothing like this has happened to them.” She added.

The last- born in a family of 14 siblings says growing up in a polygamous family turned out to be easy as their dad was very insistent on living in harmony.

She added that growing up in such a set-up has helped her in co-parenting her daughter with her father.