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Outrage as Zambian newspaper publishes in Chinese

State owned newspaper Times of Zambia has evoked the wrath of outraged citizens for publishing a story written in Mandarin.

The newspaper in the article quoted President Edgar Lungu as saying Zambia “will not look east or west – we will look forward and go with whoever wants to go with us.”

President Lungu was speaking as he hosted a Swiss delegation at the presidential palace on Monday.

Zambian Minister for Information Dora Siliya defended the move saying it was a business decision to attract the Chinese readership and advertising.

But outraged Zambians responded by accusing her of defending the indefensible as the country plunges deeper into debt through Chinese loans.

Minister Siliya is the same official who communicated the denial of entry to Kenyan lawyer PLO Lumumba whom she termed as a security concern.


Prof Lumumba was scheduled to meet former President Kenneth Lusaka and speak during Eden University graduation on the colonization of Zambia by the Chinese.

One Jonathan Kawaza told the minister, “@timesofzambia will make more money publishing stories in Lozi, Bemba, Tonga, Chewa etc than they would make selling newspapers to the Chinese. There is a sizable Zambian population comfortable reading in local languages and not English.”

Masauso Mannasseh added, “Dude I am flabbergasted. Where is our pride as a people and as a nation?”

Dizo Bert wrote, “So now we are advertising in Chinese? You should also tweet in Chinese to inform your intended market.”

Francis Kamwita questioned, “Why not attract the Indian community which has arguably been in Zambia longer? and has not only invested but given jobs to the locals.”

Mudenda Lweedo commented, “Impose your language on the natives?  Neocolonialism? Anything for money? No Pride!”