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Zambian woman arrested at JKIA with ivory bangle

By Amina Wako October 24th, 2019 1 min read

A Zambian woman was on Wednesday arrested with an ivory bangle while on transit through Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) in Nairobi.

Ms Kabanje Liseli Mwananguku was arrested for illegally wearing ivory bangle weighing 100 grams estimated to cost Sh 30,000.

Ms Mwananguku was intercepted while on transit to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania at the departure Terminal 1A by Kenya Wildlife Service officers.

She was expected to take a plea on Thursday and answer to charges of being in illegal possession of wildlife trophy at the JKIA law courts.

Cases of foreign travellers being arrested at the airport with ivory has been on the increase in recent months.

Just last week a Chinese man was arrested in Nairobi at the JKIA while traveling with ivory weighing 60 grams.


Feng, 32, was traveling from Bangui by KQ255 to China by Qatar airways 896 to China via JKIA, where he was nabbed.

The suspect was in possession of one ivory bangle beaded that had been concealed inside a cigarette packet.

In August 2019, a Spanish national was arrested at the airport with an ivory bangle weighing 0.025g.

Pich-Aguilera Maria, 50, was arraigned in court and fined Sh 1 million and allowed to continue with her journey to Tanzania.

The same month, a French national, Laazibi Amal, was also arrested while on transit through JKIA from France to Dzaoudzi Island.

He was found in possession of two elephant ivory bangle, weighing 150grams but was released after paying a fine of Sh 1 million.