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Zambians drool over Keroche Heiress beauty

Keroche Breweries heiress Anerlisa Muigai has left Zambian men drooling over her beauty.

A photo showing Mukami’s curves was shared on the Facebook page of Mwebantu, a popular Zambian page. It showed her beauty and quintessential feminine physique and was captioned “Peep the drip”, followed by a drip emoji.

The image has since received 7000 likes and 1500 comments from its one million followers.

However, as is human nature to make fun and jokes about matters, a number of those who commented did not shy away from leaving suggestive and guileful comments about the beautiful entrepreneur.

The post raised interesting discussions in the comment section that boiled down to physical appearance being the least factor most men nowadays consider while choosing a life partner.

“I’d still cheat on her (despite her beauty),” one of the followers wrote
“She would still get cheated on. Men don’t know what they want,” said another.
“They only look good when they are not yours. The owner is even cheating on her,” claimed another
“If my boo was to dump me for her I would give them my blessings without hesitation,” a cheeky lady suggested.
“Last time I dated someone like her, I almost died of depression. These girls use their asses and beauty to reason instead of using their brains. Above all, they are totally poor, I mean very poor in bed. To them beauty & body does everything,” another one wrote.
A number of women, on the other hand, were left in awe of her impeccable physique, with others adding to the fact that she used to be overweight and transformed drastically, questioning her weight loss journey.
“Flat tummy, every woman’s wish,” one of them observed.
Anerlisa Muigai is the heiress of Keroche Breweries, earning her a position on the list of Kenya’s richest kids. She has remarkable prowess in areas such as fashion, beauty and business.

Taking after her business savvy parents, the entrepreneur started her own company dubbed Nero Company Limited, dealing with top-quality bottled water such as Executive Still Water and Life Still Water.

She has however suffered a number of setbacks in her private life after losing her sister in unclear circumstances whilst her marriage to Tanzanian musician Ben Pol also ended dramatically.