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Zanzibar government now denies knowledge of Baba’s visit

By DAVID KWALIMWA November 23rd, 2017 2 min read

The whereabouts of Nasa leader Raila Odinga and what he is upto are fast becoming subject to speculation among Kenyans on social media.

This follows claims by a government official in Zanzibar that the opposition leader is not in the Tanzanian archipelago off the coast of East Africa.

“If he is here, it is fine. But what I can say is that until now we have no information that he is coming,” Mohamed Aboud, who is Minister for State in the office of the Second Vice-President told Tanzanian daily The Citizen on Wednesday.

However, all indications are that Mr Odinga is indeed taking some time off in the island.


One resident of the island, by the name Abdalla, told The Citizen that he had seen the Nasa leader enjoying a meal at a local restaurant.

“We saw him (Odinga) accompanied by four people. He came in and ate with us at the Luqmaan restaurant just like other customers but surprisingly he was not very excited although he agreed to take pictures with us,” said Abdalla.

Kenyans are yet to hear from Odinga since Sunday November 19 when he quietly left the country for Zanzibar. His last Twitter update, which harshly criticized the Jubilee government’s brutality on Nasa supporters, was posted on November 18.

Mr Odinga’s longtime adviser Salim Lone, in an interview with New York Times, on Monday confirmed that the Nasa leader is indeed in Zanzibar.

Mr Lone would later issue a statement on behalf of Mr Odinga regarding the Supreme Court’s ruling that upheld President Uhuru Kenyatta’s victory in the October 26 repeat polls.


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In the statement, Mr Odinga termed the Jubilee government as illegitimate, adding that the Supreme Court decision was made under duress.

On Wednesday, one of Mr Odinga’s closest allies and Suna East MP Junet Mohamed posted photos of himself and the Nasa leader saying that they are in Tanzania.

On the same day, photos of Mr Odinga in the company of a Kenya lady by the name Sasha Seraphine Mbote, who says she runs a tour guide company in Zanzibar, went viral on social media.

The photos posted on Facebook by the lady, captured her and Mr Odinga locked in an embrace at Park Hyatt Hotel in Zanzibar.