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Zari blasts photographer for sharing intimate photos

By Freya Wanjiku October 19th, 2022 1 min read

Zari Hassan has terminated a contract she with a resort spa she’d reportedly visited for a vacation after it reportedly breached the terms of their memorandum of understanding.

The Ugandan socialite accused the Kampala-based spa of sharing some intimate photos taken with her younger lover.

“The photographer who took the pictures is a blogger who posted some of the photos to break the news.  Things went the wrong way, some of the photos were not supposed to be posted but you know anything for likes,” she explained.

The South African-based businesswoman also urged photographers to act in a professional manner in their line of duty.

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“You all know we have pictures that are just meant to be for the gallery, oh we did this, we went here, oh my did you try to kiss my butt those are personal pictures that I took for my gallery, not social. It is wrong for a photographer to share the photos without permission.”

“At this moment I don’t need to do things for clout. Before you are quick to judge oh she was doing these photos for this and this, I need to remind you that I’m Zari the boss lady, I’m beautiful, I’m rich.”

Zari, 42, unveiled her new boyfriend namely Shakib Lutaaya in mid 2022 after breaking up with GK Choppa.

Many believed Lutaaya is in his mid-20s, making him roughly half her age and around the same age as her oldest son, but Zari recently asserted that her partner is 30 years old.

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