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Zari Hassan: ‘Diamond Platnumz and I are not bitter exes’

Tanzanian Bongo sensation Diamond Platnumz ignited a social media storm after being spotted in the company of his alleged girlfriend Zuchu, along with his ex-partner Zari Hassan and her husband, Shakib Lutaya.

The unexpected gathering fueled speculation and heated discussions across various online platforms.

In an attempt to clarify the nature of her relationship with Diamond Platnumz, Zari Hassan on Friday, 15 December, addressed the issue during an interview with bloggers in Kenya.

The Ugandan socialite emphasized that, despite the end of their romantic involvement, Diamond will always be a part of her life due to their shared parenthood.

“It depends on how the relationship ended, but also when kids are involved, I can hang out with them. Diamond is always going to be the father of my kids, and nothing is gonna change. We are friends, but we are not bitter exes,” Zari explained, shedding light on the dynamics of their post-relationship connection.

Zari highlighted the importance of maintaining an amicable relationship for the sake of their children, stating:

“There is no bad blood, but when you see me with him, nothing more apart from being friends.”

However, she made it clear that her interactions with Diamond are solely driven by their shared responsibility as parents.

“I don’t hang out with exes I don’t have kids with, but when there are kids involved, you need to put your differences aside. You say, yes, we are not together, but there are kids involved. How do we make it work? It is very workable,” she added.

Zari went on to offer advice to others navigating complex relationships, encouraging them to find enjoyment in every aspect of their connections.

“I have failed in so many relationships, but my advice is to make sure you enjoy every bit of it.”

Before the recent meeting, Diamond had asked to meet Zari’s husband to know the kind of person that his children are spending time with.

The meeting happened at an airport in South Africa as Diamond traveled back to Tanzania together with his two children, Princess Tiffah and Prince Nillan.