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Zari Hassan hits back at critics, defends daughter’s carefree summer look

Socialite Zari Hassan has addressed concerned online followers who have criticized her for what they perceive as neglecting her daughter Princess Tiffah’s hair care during the summer months.

In a candid response to the online scrutiny, Zari Hassan, known for her assertive demeanor, didn’t hold back as she defended her parenting choices and emphasized the importance of letting her child enjoy a carefree summer.

The controversy began when some of Zari’s followers raised concerns about Tiffah’s hair, urging the businesswoman to attend to it.

In response, Zari Hassan delivered a straightforward message to her critics, telling them to let her child be.

Addressing the issue, Zari shared:

“Oh, can you do your daughter’s hair? She is looking bad, and you are looking good all day, what about her? It’s summer in South Africa, let me educate you. Some of the extra activities in Summer in South Africa include swimming. It could be three days in a row; they swim after lunch break. She gets home, and we have a swimming pool; she does the same thing. I am letting my child be a child.”

Zari continued to explain her perspective, stating:

“I do not want her to look perfect for social media because mommy wants to impress her fans. She is being a child, enjoying summer, swimming and embracing her African hair; it’s going to look like that. But in the morning, as she leaves for school, she is well prepared and well presented. The hair is brushed.”

The South African businesswoman emphasized that her daughter’s appearance during leisure activities shouldn’t be a cause for concern.

Zari Hassan’s bold response sheds light on the challenges public figures face when it comes to parenting choices being scrutinized by online audiences.

Tiffah is Zari’s only daughter with her ex-lover, Diamond Platnumz.

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