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Zari Hassan: I don’t want my children to inherit trauma

South African based Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan has said she does not want any of her five children to inherit trauma.

Zari, one of Tanzanian superstar singer Diamond Platinumz’ several baby mamas with whom they share two young children, said this was one of the reasons she works very hard.

In a statement on Tuesday, the wealthy socialite said the power of never giving up is real because it keeps one focused on their grind.

“You can be grinding for 4 years with no results, and on the 5th year, become the biggest thing on the planet. The power of never giving up is real,” Zari said.

She went on to say lazy people often do little work and felt entitled to winning unlike winners who actually put in the hard work while still worrying if they are lazy.

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“Them: Why do you work so hard? Me: Because I want my children to inherit land, businesses and properties. Not pain, trauma and struggle,” she said.

Zari’s children’s’ lives have been marred with trauma at one point or the other. The father of her three older sons, Ivan Ssemwanga, died after suffering a heart attack.

They had to watch their paternal family fight their mother over property. A final decision was reached that Ssemwanga’s sons would inherit his wealth, not Zari, but she would be a trustee of the property until the boys come of age.

There were also claims that the late Ssemwanga used to physically abuse Zari, which was the reason for their divorce.

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Zari’s last two younger children also lived through the separation of their parents after Diamond cheated on Zari with Tanzanian video vixen Hamisa Mobetto and conceived with her.

Diamond was once put on the spot by his daughter, Tiffany, who wanted him to explain why he had broken up the family. In the viral video, Diamond downplayed his daughter’s concerns as he showered her with sweet words to distract her.

In her own right, Zari is an entrepreneur who owns and runs several colleges in South Africa, is an accomplished socialite and reality TV star who gets paid large amounts of money for her appearances and participation.

She is also a TV personality who appears in adverts for various brands and was also a one time musician but her music career failed to take off.

In other words, her children are more likely to inherit wealth, not the trauma their fathers subjected their families to.

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