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Zari Hassan in Kenya to unveil mega-mansion

South African-based Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan aka Boss Lady has arrived in Kenya for a mega-mansion unveiling event by Kenyan interior design and consultancy firm Fine Urban and Construction Interiors.

The social media influencer and beauty queen was received by at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport by The Wajesus Family and escorted to where she has been booked for her stay in the country.

“I am here for revealing a mansion that has been designed by Fine Urban and Construction Interiors. It’s one of those out-of-this-world houses that you wouldn’t expect in East Africa. I am here to reveal their work,” said Zari.

The mother of five added that she has always been interested in property and that she stumbled upon a property on the internet which prompted her to reach out to the firm.

“I love property, and this one property happened to be on the internet. I was fascinated and reached out to them and that’s how we decided to do this project,” she said.

The curvaceous entrepreneur will also host an all-white party in Nairobi on Thursday, an event that is expected to be all glitz and glamour.

“All the ballers in Nairobi get ready for an all-white experience at XS Millionaires club in Nairobi this Thursday 9th June. I will be attending with other ballers, come let’s pop champagne together. See you on Thursday at XS millionaires club,” she wrote on social media.

This will be the second time the mother of five will be hosting an all-white party in Kenya, having previously done so in 2018.

Speaking about her latest works in Africa’s first fan-favorite TV reality series on Netflix, Zari told her fans to watch out for season two of the show.

“I can’t give away much about season 2, but obviously just know that season 2 is happening, who’s coming back I don’t know. But the experience was good, being one of the biggest African shows that made it top, I think like 6 weeks in a row on Netflix,” she said.