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Zari Hassan responds to Fantana and Diamond’s attacks

Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan remains unbothered by the critics who have taken aim at her following her public call-out of Diamond Platnumz for dishonesty towards his new partner, Fantana.

In the second season of the reality show “Young, Famous, And African,” Diamond allegedly told Fantana that Zari Hassan desired to have another child with him. Diamond and Zari are co-parents of two children.

In response, Zari confidently asserted that nothing could prevent her from having another child with the renowned singer.

“If I choose to have a child with Diamond, I have the ability to do so,” expressed Zari Hassan.

Later, Zari took to social media to expose Diamond’s falsehoods and his intimate conversations with Fantana, a Ghanaian singer.

However, undeterred by the negativity, the self-assured boss lady has responded to her detractors.

“It is not my responsibility to be liked by everyone. My duty is to be true to myself, and the right people will naturally be drawn to me,” Zari confidently declared on her Instagram page.

In episode three of the second season of the Netflix series ‘Young, Famous and African,’ which features the trio in prominent roles, Diamond Platnumz shared a passionate kiss with Fantana.

As the season progresses with its nine-part storyline, tensions rise between Zari and Fantana as they engage in heated arguments regarding their respective intentions involving Platnumz.

Fantana asserts that Zari is experiencing jealousy because Diamond has taken an interest in her.

Zari, on the other hand, denies any feelings of jealousy and assures Fantana that the Tanzanian singer is merely telling her what she wants to hear in order to indulge in a casual fling.

Acknowledging this, Fantana declares that she is also seeking nothing more than a fun time.

However, tensions escalate in the eighth episode as they engage in personal attacks.

Fantana refers to Zari as “fucking old enough to be my mom,” while Zari retaliates by labeling Fantana as “a young slut.”

In a heated exchange, Fantana accuses Zari of wearing counterfeit designer brands and dismisses her claims of being a billionaire.

“You fake designer-wearing old bitch,” retorts Fantana to Zari in the eighth episode.

It is not yet clear whether Fantana is Diamond’s new catch.

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