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Zari Hassan sets record straight on facial enhancement speculations

Ugandan businesswoman and socialite, Zari Hassan, has responded to speculations regarding her facial enhancements, particularly her newly-acquired dimples.

The mother of five, who is known for her candidness, has responded to a fan’s inquiry regarding her dimples, with the fan suggesting she may have undergone dimpleplasty, a surgical procedure to create dimples on the cheeks.

“Had to educate a certain fool because everything to them is surgery. This is not dimpleplasty. The dimple is created without an incision. This procedure is a non-surgical dimple creation and can be done in your home, office, or anywhere. It’s not surgery,” Zari said.

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Zari has also dispelled misconceptions surrounding her new facial features.

The socialite sparked the debate after she shared a radiant photo of her beaming smile on Instagram with the caption: “Me lately since visiting @daryadentalturkey 😁😁 I can teeth for days now🙈 💋.”

Her newly acquired dimples immediately captured the attention of her fans.

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Zari has in recent times undergone several surgical enhancements, including a tummy tuck and a leg surgery. In a previous interview with NTV Uganda, she explained her motivations.

“What people say about me undergoing plastic surgery is true, but I just removed the excess fat within my legs and tummy. For now, no matter how fat I get, my stomach and legs can’t go back to the previous size,” she said, adding that people should stop criticizing others who choose to enhance their bodies.

“Surgery is a lifestyle so many people are doing daily it daily, but for you, you have no happiness or peace, you have to highlight everything Zari does. You have a Zari syndrome, sis, when will you heal?” she said.