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Zari Hassan: There is no problem with women dating younger men

Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan is pointing an accusing finger at society for double standards when it comes to women dating younger men.

Speaking while on tour in Uganda, Zari justified her relationship with Shakib Cham Lutaaya saying that the 12-year age difference between them should not be a topic of discussion.

Lutaaya is 30 years old while Zari is 42 years old.

“Honestly, he is 30 years old, society has double standards when it comes to women and honestly, to me, he is not a child, he has been over 18 a long time ago and he took me to meet his parents and it was so nice,” Zari said.

Zari was first spotted in public with her new boyfriend in June 2020. The two reportedly met in 2019.

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Born and raised in Kampala, Shakib has been living and working in Gauteng, South Africa for almost a decade.

The mother of five dated popular Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz in 2014. After a four-year relationship, the two split in 2018 after Diamond cheated on Zari with Tanzanian video vixen Hamisa Mobetto. Zari and Diamond have two children together, Latiffa and Nillan.

During one interview, Zari revealed that he knew Diamond was cheating on him however she kept on coming up with excuses for him but had to end the relationship after getting proof of his infidelity. Hamisa (the woman he cheated with) conceived and welcomed her second-born child, Diamond’s third.

Zari then moved on to start dating other people. First on the list was a man whom she identified as King Bae. The two shared photos of their fun times for over a year and at one time it was reported that they had held a private wedding in South Africa.

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Months later, fresh reports emerged that Zari had parted ways with the mysterious man whose identity she never revealed on her social media feeds. At the time, she did not explain the reason for their split amid wild rumours.

However, in an interview moments before leaving Tanzania for South Africa after a one-week stay in Diamond’s house, Zari opted to share the details of what went wrong between her and King Bae.

“King Bae alikuwepo and he was such a chilled guy lakini kuna vitu vingine vimetokea kama mtu unaona I’m not (part of). With love sometimes shit happens, like that one didn’t last and we went our separate ways but we still talk once in a while,” she said.

In 2021 she started dating another man whom she identified as Dark Stallion but the relationship did not last for long.

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