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Zari Hassan’s children Tiffah and Nillan meet Diamond’s other kids

Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz has formally introduced his children from his previous relationships with Zari and Tanasha Donna.

In a video shared by Diamond Platnumz on his Insta stories, Zari Hassan’s children, Tiffah and Prince Nillan, were captured bonding with their half-sibling, Naseeb Junior, who is the son of Tanasha Donna.

In the video, Zari’s two last-born kids are seen opening snacks from boxes.

Tiffah stands beside the bed, excitedly discussing the presents she was unwrapping.

Naseeb, who was seated on the bed, held one of the unpacked gifts momentarily before his older sister gently took it from him and placed it in a different spot.

While Nillan and Tiffah engaged with their father, Naseeb observed quietly, taking in the moments with his step-siblings and the delightful surprises they were unveiling.

In October 2022, Diamond Platnumz found himself scolded by his sister, Esma, and his mother, Mama Dangote, for lying about the existence of his other children Tiffah and Nillan.

During this visit to South Africa, his daughter, Tiffah, and son, Nilan, confronted him about his involvement with other children.

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In a video shared on Instagram, Tiffah questioned her father, saying, “So, last night, Mama told me you broke up the family, huh?”

Zari Hassan quickly intervened, clarifying, “That was not what I was saying. You asked me a question, and I answered.”

Tiffah persisted, saying, “She said you were having a baby with another girl.”

This candid moment led to criticism from Diamond’s family members, as both his sister, Esma, and his mother, Mama Dangote, expressed their disapproval.

Esma admonished Diamond for not disclosing the existence of his other children to Tiffah and Nilan, emphasizing the importance of fostering strong sibling relationships from a young age.

“You have really wronged the children. You should have told them they have other siblings, like Tom Kaka, so that they could build a strong, loving relationship from a young age and maybe even get to meet,” Esma stated on Instagram.

Mama Dangote, Diamond’s mother, also voiced her disapproval, questioning why her son had not mentioned his other child, who shares a birthday and a strong resemblance with him.

“Why didn’t you mention your look-alike twin with whom you even share a birthday? What you did was not right,” Mama Dangote expressed.