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Zari: I owe my friends, relatives nothing

By Winnie Mabel October 24th, 2022 2 min read

Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan took to her Instagram stories on October 23, 2022, to share a post castigating people who felt entitled to enjoy the wealth of people close to them.

“I starved around people who have money. I never got mad at them even once, I got motivated because I knew their money wasn’t mine. Heal from entitlement, your successful friends and relatives owe you nothing,” shared Zari.

Zari’s sentiments come years after she and relatives of her late ex-husband, Ivan Ssemwanga, battled it out for the tycoon’s properties. He died in May 2017.

Ssemwanga’s family was reportedly against Zari inheriting his property because they were divorced.

Zari was at the time cohabiting with Tanzanian singer, Diamond Platinumz. The couple has two children.

She made news across Africa for wanting part of Ssemwanga’s wealth and even defended herself for wanting so.

“Get your facts right. We hustled all the way up. Go get yourself some inheritance too. It should be easy, right? When they say inheritance, I say we started from the bottom. You all know us after 2020 and not before.” Zari said in 2019 as she clapped back at critics.

She added that she and the deceased tycoon, who was based in South Africa at the time of his death, had hustled together from the ground up to acquire all the property that they had.

The battle put to rest when her eldest son, Pinto Ntale, was finally named heir to the late tycoon’s multimillion estate spanning Uganda and South Africa- and not Zari.

In another revelation, Zari resolved to end being used by family and friends who always came after her money but ran from her when she was low and shattered.

“Let me tell you something you do not know about me. I am that friend everyone can always run to, financially, emotionally, should cry on- you name it. I am always here for my people. But damn, that sh*t of playing Mother Teresa is so done. They all can run to me but when I need them, I can never see any, and I mean any of them. So, 2020, is all about me. It’s not being selfish, nah! It’s doing what’s best for me Zari, my soul and my well being. I can’t keep breaking my back and sharing bread with people who ain’t helping mix the dough. Whether its family, friends, business associates, you name it. Im done,: said Zari in part in 2020.

Zari is a woman of means. She earns money from her South African colleges, television shows, event appearances, and being a brand ambassador for many products. Her Instagram account is a testament to how she and her children lead lavish lifestyles unapologetically.

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