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Zari: Ivan was best man I ever met, never wanted to dump him

By THOMAS MATIKO December 20th, 2017 1 min read

Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan has revisited her turbulent relationship with her deceased ex-husband Ivan Ssemwanga.

In a recent radio interview, Zari described Ivan as the best man she met in her life, but had to dump him when his obsession with her became toxic.

The mother of five, who always speaks highly of Ivan, said many people accused her of divorcing Ivan to be with other famous or successful men without understanding what went wrong between them.

Zari and Ivan were married for ten years and had three sons. She later divorced him and fell in love with Tanzanian musician Diamond Platinumz.

She revelaed the details in an interview with a local radio in Uganda when she went back home to host her Zari All White Party.


“You don’t just wake up, pack your bags and go. You don’t. Ivan wasn’t really a bad guy, I would say he was just really obsessed with me that it grew turning into something else. It became physical and it got to a point where it was really nasty physical.

“He would say if you want to leave me then you will have to go through the balcony. I tried to work on it, the many times I booked counselling for him, he would pay my counselor and then say he came while he didn’t.

“I would not stay in a relationship for 11 years, build this empire with him, have three boys then just want to walk out. People always judged called me malaya but they don’t really know his story,” Zari explained ion the interview.

Ivan died of heart attack in May 2017 while receiving treatment in a hospital in South Africa.