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Zari: My son is not gay

Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan has refuted claims her son is gay but adds that she wouldn’t have a problem if he was.

According to the South African based businesswoman, her son namely Raphael Ssemwanga has been dating a lady since he was 14.

“I think there have been videos trending on my son when he came out to claim that he is gay, and it has been blown out of proportion. I am going to be clear about one thing, Raphael is not gay, Raphael is dating, and he started dating when he was 14 years old. And when I say dating I don’t mean sleeping with girls,” claimed Zari.

She also affirmed that in case Raphael or any of his sons comes out as gay she will have no choice other than support him.

“If for instance or example Raphael turned out to be gay today I am going to tell you as his parent as his mom that it is something that I am going to support him through, it’s my duty as a parent because that will be a choice that he has decided in life,”

The mother of five also slammed her online critics who appeared to celebrate the news, suggesting her son’s sexual orientation is no one’s business.

Zari’s son is reported to have made the claims on Wednesday on Instagram live.

Raphael is Zari’s second son from her marriage to late ex-husband Ivan Ssemwanga. Zari also has two kids from a previous romantic relationship with Tanzanian singer Diamond Platinumz.