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Zari suggests Diamond desires a reunion, after Zuchu revealed body count

By Elizabeth Ngigi September 12th, 2023 2 min read

Zari Hassan, has once again stirred up the online community with a cryptic TikTok video that has fans and followers speculating about her relationship with her former partners.

Zari’s video posted on September 11, quickly caught the attention of her millions of TikTok followers, as Zari accompanied it with a caption that suggested that all her exes desire to date her again.

“When all your exes want you back, it means you were never the problem. I said what I said. Chances don’t come twice…. bye!” the post read.

Known for her candid and outspoken nature, Zari is no stranger to making headlines with her statements.

She has been romantically linked with several high-profile individuals, but her most notable and closely watched relationship was with the Tanzanian musician Diamond Platnumz.

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Despite their separation, the dynamics of their post-breakup interactions have continued to captivate the curiosity of netizens.

In the TikTok video, Zari employed an audio track that delivered a poignant message to a man attempting to rekindle a relationship.

“I’m gonna be that bi**h  that you always remember, that female that you always wanna care about because I had a genuine heart. So you gon always sleep around a lot trying to match the love and loyalty that I gave you. Ni**as don’t know what they have until they lose it, and then they want to come crawling back ‘babe I’m sorry with flowers’ and all of that. I don’t give a sh*t no more; you should have, like I said, losing me is gonna be the best karma there is.”

The powerful message resonated with many, including a TikTok user with the handle user145931375555, who commented:

“Embwa ezo, trust me, I will never return to my ex, no matter what.”

Zari wholeheartedly concurred by responding with, “Me 3 🙋‍♀️.”

While Zari’s remarks have set tongues wagging and sparked discussion, it remains unclear which exes she is referring to in her cryptic post.

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Zari’s statement came just one day after an intriguing incident involving Diamond’s alleged lover, Zuchu, who boldly disclosed her romantic history in front of the singer.

During an impromptu interview, Zuchu read aloud a straightforward question that allowed no room for evasion:

“Ni wanawake wangapi au wanaume wangapi umewahi kulala na kimapenzi?” (How many women or men have you romantically slept with?).

Without hesitation, she responded, “Mmoja tu…peke yake,” (Only one…Him [Diamond] alone), and then warmly embraced the bongo heartthrob.

Zuchu then redirected the conversation by asking the reporter, “Wewe unajua boyfriend wangu gani? Kwenye industry, ndani na Nje?” (Do you know who my boyfriend is? In the industry, both locally and internationally?).

She further declared, “My one and only,” sealing her affectionate statement with yet another loving embrace.

A very coy Diamond, wearing an awkward smile on his face, heartily agreed with Zuchu’s sentiments.

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