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Zero chills as Tina Kaggia responds to JB Masanduku’s pleas

Radio presenter Tina Kaggia has responded to ex-husband comedian JB Masanduku after he requested a round-table meeting with her to discuss matters co-parenting.

In a recent TV interview, Masanduku (real name Nathan Kimani) claimed that for a year now, Tina has denied him the rights to see the two children sired during their marriage.

“Tina first and foremost I hope you are well and doing fine. I beseech you that we have a sit down and we talk about how I would probably see the kids” Masanduku said on live TV.

Now a rattled Tina has responded in the best way she knows, stating that she has no time to engage him.

“Public opinions don’t move me. The sooner bloggers and for F.O.M.O (Fear of Missing Out) people understand this, the sooner they will stop calling me with useless questions. Sina time ya kujibu,” Tina posted on her Instagram stories.


Masanduku’s plea came a month after Tina publicly claimed that he had become a deadbeat dad, abdicating his responsibilities as a father.

Tina and Masanduku wedded in 2014 at a private ceremony that was preceded by a civil ceremony at the Attorney General’s chambers.

But three years later, they had a nasty divorce with Tina claiming the marriage failed to work because her ex-hubby neglected her, manipulated and lied to her often.