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Zimeni simu kwa bedroom! 7 times prominent Kenyan personalities have defended themselves from leaked nudes

Phones must be switched off when people decide to hold private meetings in the bedroom.

That is my opinion and must be enshrined in the Constitution! Be it meetings that turn into conferences or benchmarking workshops, phones with active signals and cameras with large megapixels should be left on a bowl at the door or switched off if one is too attached to their latest pro max or ultras.

I say this because many people have been felled by mobile phones after partaking in fruits of the carnal tree, and pass out in utter bliss- not really knowing that there were appendixes attached to their meeting, and they would be in the photo or video forms.

See, some people enjoy the thrill of the chase, finally getting down to some badminton and enjoying the escapades when they last- but then the serpent on the tree appears just as you and your partner are engaged in a heated disagreement and whispers, “Telegram and Twitter are your anonymous friends, why don’t you share those nude photos and videos of your partner with them?”

Remember when I said phones must stay out of the bedroom? Yes…here are some prominent Kenyan personalities who probably learned this lesson the hard way and will probably never live it down because the internet never forgets.

  1. Defense Chief Administrative Secretary Millicent Omanga – She is the latest victim after videos reportedly showing her sleeping half-naked bottom up, in what appeared to be a hotel room emerged on April 18, 2023. At first, it was thought it was her look a but a couple of Kenyan politicians seemingly confirmed it was her when they were sending her messages of encouragement and explanations on social media. Millicent Omanga responded to the leaked video with a Bible verse.
  2. Rachel Shebesh- In October 2013, photos emerged appearing to show former Nairobi governor Mike Sonko and then Chief Administrative Secretary, Ministry of Public Service and Gender Affairs, Honorable Rachel Shebesh, in bed. Both are married. Mike Sonko claimed the photos had been leaked by a blogger and that they almost broke his marriage. The question remained how the bloggers got the photos and who between the two took the pictures?
  3. Instagram influencer Georgina Njenga- The young influencer had to take a hiatus earlier this year when a video emerged of her fully naked and dancing. She said that the videos were not from this time when she is now a mother and actor Tyler Mbaya’s girlfriend, but from the period when she was 17 years old and dating the person who allegedly leaked the video.
  4. Mukhisa Kituyi- In June 2021, a video emerged of Dr Mukhisa Kiyuyi, the former Secretary-​General of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), lying in bed with his chest bare and being recorded while asleep. Months later in August, he said he is a man of personal integrity and should be judged based on his track record.
  5. Dj Mo and his ex-mistress – In 2020, tea master Edgar Obare exposed former gospel deejay Mo of cheating after photos emerged of him lying in bed and video chatting his former mistress. The woman spilled all the tea regarding their illicit relationship and ended up costing DJ Mo his television hosting job at NTV, and additional cracks in his marriage that was already strained by then.
  6. TikToker Azziad Nasenya’s look-alike- We say look alike because the woman in the video bears a striking resemblance to the Kenyan TikToker. At first, Azziad went viral a few weeks ago as people claimed it was her in an explicit video doing everything. However, Azziad rubbished the claims it was her, thanking her online family who defended her honor. “I’m sure by now most of you have seen it and I’m here to burst your bubble because it ain’t me. I’m grateful to my online family for coming through and saying that’s not me because you guys know all my tats and I feel like at this point I should be rubberstamping some on my forehead to just show you that yeah, that’s not me,” said Azziad in response. It is believed that the look-alike is a renowned adult content creator from another country.
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