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Zora actress Jackie Matubia reveals the effects of her weight-loss surgery

Going by her October October 4, 2022, Instagram stories, it would appear that actress Jackie Matubia has undergone non-invasive surgery to manage her weight.

In a series of posts, Matubia started by telling her followers that she had lost six kilograms in one week from a starting weight of 105.5 to 99.3 kilograms.

In tagging the clinic where she had the procedure done, Matubia revealed she had gone into the clinic for a gastric balloon.

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She was recorded swallowing what looked like a pill and accompanied it with water before being hooked up to fluids.

“And just like that, it was done. However, after this, you have three days of feeling nauseated and a little bit of vomiting but most importantly hydrate! Hydrate! Through IV,” she posted.

Jackie Matubia
Jackie Matubia

According to the Mayo Clinic, Intragastric balloon placement is a weight loss procedure that involves placing a saline-filled balloon in your stomach.

This helps one lose weight by limiting how much one eats and makes one feel fuller and faster.

The Mayo Clinic also states that the procedure is done where the doctor advances a thin tube loaded with the intragastric balloon down your throat into the stomach, an endoscope is then advanced down the throat into the stomach to allow the doctor to see the balloon as he or she fills it with saline.

The procedure is said to take about half an hour and one can go home after two hours.

Matubia recently expressed wishes to gain back her pre-baby body. She recently welcomed a second child with fiancé Blessing Lungaho in June 2022 and has been hitting the gym since then.

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Aside from Matubia, another Kenyan celeb who underwent the same procedure is Catherine Kamau alias Kate Actress.

For Sh 350,000, she underwent the procedure around May 2022 to lose weight after doctors told her she was unhealthy weight-wise.

She revealed that no amount of gym work was giving the desired results and she’d once felt too big after watching a movie.

“There are also roles I would like to play, that I feel I am ready for, but I feel I would be more confident and sexy if I was a few kilograms lighter,” she was quoted as saying.

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