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Zuchu catches feelings after being advised to stop dressing like a child

By Winnie Mabel November 25th, 2022 2 min read

Tanzanian songstress Zuchu, born Zuhura Othman Soud, appeared to have caught feelings after fans told her to begin dressing as is expected of a woman her age instead of dressing like a child.

In a social media exchange that went viral, a fan told her that she needed a good stylist to dress her up to match the mature music she releases.

“Zuchu, you need a good stylist. You sing grown up songs but dressed as a child,” said Blessed With Knowledge on Instagram before Zuchu responded saying, “Koma we usinipangie cha kuvaa kanunulia babako izi mxie (You’d better stop. Don’t tell me how to dress. Go and buy your father those things).”

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Following Zuchu’s clapback, another fan told her to behave as a celebrity is expected to in listening; and should grow up.

“As a celebrity, learn to listen and grow up,” said Allexie Chebby to which Zuchu also responded by saying “Sitaki (I don’t want to).”

The interaction caught the attention of social media users both in Kenya and Tanzania in various reactions including some hilarious ones.

“Tanzanians don’t know how to insult or clap back at people. If it had been our KRG, you would have even been insulted in Kisii language as well,” laughed Yusuf Kayus.

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“English is where that couple draws a very thick line (Zuchu X Diamond),” added Peddler.

“Am still there at ‘as a celebrity learn to listen and grow up’. That one you can never recover,” laughed Queen Lark.

“If it had been me I would also have been bitter and angry. You know she’s still feeling the pain of only 48 people coming to her live show in America. It still bothers her,” said Eldoret Dollars.

“The 48 people that attended her concert in Texas are ok with her fashion sense so she doesn’t care about what the locals think but most importantly, she’s more bitter because the criticism came in a foreign language,” said Miss Mburu.

“Her fashion matches her body size, some of you wouldn’t rock in those, she’s ok, period,” defended Shazzy 124.

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Zuchu is a petite woman who is known to love wearing oversized clothes, large form shoes and styling her hair in styles considered popular with kids.

She wears small skater skirts, tank tops and oversized jackets, loves spotting the biker shorts look and sometimes posing “childishly” in some of her photos posted on her Instagram page.

Her look is often colorful and mismatched from head to toes; and pairs her look with chunky jewellery sometimes.

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