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Zuchu: Diamond encourages trolling and disrespect towards me

Reports surfaced over the weekend that WCB signee Zuhura Othman, better known as Zuchu, has packed her bags and split from boyfriend Diamond Platnumz.

This is the third time she has packed her bags while dating Diamond.

Diamond’s sister, Esma Khan, broke the news, attributing the alleged split to an incident in which Diamond introduced his ex-girlfriend, Sarah, to his fans.

According to Esma, Zuchu was upset by Diamond’s actions and felt disrespected.

In response, Zuchu expressed her feelings, highlighting the disrespect she felt and pointing the finger at who was responsible.

“I know I’m famous and it’s common to be talked about, but please don’t exaggerate by giving me false praise just to please the boss, especially in the local media where you can also get the truth and balance your stories,” Zuchu explained.

“That’s exactly why I left. You get tired of being with a man who pushes you in front of people to be insulted, while he is the one who uses you in a way that degrades you,” she lamented.

“His woman becomes the doormat for everyone around him. Whenever she decides, she joins them and gives them the green light to disrespect me while you remain silent and just swallow,” Zuchu expressed.

Zuchu went on to reveal the challenges she faces as Diamond’s partner, stating: “I’m trying to be good and the only weak link in my life is him. Let me be a burden on his shoulders.”

She replied, “What am I supposed to be? Why don’t you sit down and talk about his reasons?”

She criticised those who discussed her departure from Diamond without acknowledging the WCB singer’s actions towards her.

“The ones who make you want to leave someone are baby mamas. When they wake up angry, they bring their attitude towards Zuchu with them… I am done,” she concluded.

Diamond has remained silent on the whole matter.

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