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Zuchu: Diamond is caring, understanding

By Wangu Kanuri February 4th, 2022 1 min read

Tanzanian songbird Zuchu says his boss and fellow singer Diamond Platnumz is a romantic man who deeply cares about her.

In an interview with Wasafi FM, the song bird, born Zuhuru Othman, stressed that Diamond’s input in her life is very significant and treated with utmost priority.

“If he was my boyfriend he would be a good person. We’ve seen how he has treated his former lovers and he gives himself to his lovers and he is very romantic,” she gleefully said.

Zuchu is rumored to be about to tie the knot with the Bongoflava star, real name Naseeb Juma, on Valentines Day.

“Diamond tops the list of people who I have to weigh in their opinions, before making a decision. If he says yes it is a yes and if he says no it is a no. He is not selfish, cruel or cold-hearted,” she said.

These sentiments come days after Juma Lokole, a relative and close friend to Diamond disclosed that the two were romantically involved and had been dating for a month.

On the other hand, Khadija Kopa, Zuchu’s mother confirmed her daughter’s wedding through the advice she relayed on her.

“My daughter, I have raised you with proper morals and I know you are a girl who has always made the right decisions and as your mother I have nothing but support for you. February 14 is going to be your big day, there is no woman who does not have this dream. May the Almighty bless you, I know you will not let me down,” she said.