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Zuchu features her mom Khadija Kopa in remix of the song ‘Nani’

Khadija Omar Kopa, the mother of Bongo flava songbird Zuchu, has been featured in the remix to her daughter’s song Nani. Taking the second stanza of the song, Khadija lip-synched her daughter’s lyrics.

The mother-daughter moment showcased Khadija owning up to the song and bringing out the element of the lyrics through her facial expression, moves and dress code.

The official song which was released almost a month ago, was only posted as a lyrics video on Zuchu’s YouTube page with the video garnering more than 700,000 views.

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Although Zuchu had shared short videos that showcased the dancing moves to the song, her fans all over jumped into the challenge which was widely shared on TikTok.

However, the remix has made it to over 900 views two days after its release.

Her mother’s appearance in the video has attracted varying opinions, some praising Khadija for passing on the button to her daughter and not stopping at only that but supporting her through her music journey.

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Here are some of the comments:

“When you continue with your mother’s vision and she supports you, you become a double Queen without a doubt… We become better with our parents’ pasts and polish the areas that didn’t work for them,” said Olive Wanjiru.

“Whaaaaat!!! This video is fiiiiire! I saw small Zuchu, the Legend Queen of Taarab and the Queen of Bongo! Our velvet tone queens herself,” wrote Camejo Wayne.

“Pride of a mother❤❤❤❤Thanks Khadija Kopa for taking part in this banger🔥🔥🔥🔥” said Braizy Ndanu.

“The inclusion of Khadija Kopa was an excellent masterpiece for this song…such a great vibe song,” wrote Haimestone Ritchie.

“The video concept is just great, a little girl held hand by her elder (Innoss), she grew up with the blessing of her mother (Khadija Koppa), then crowned the next queen. AMAZING director!!!” said Ali Kugula.

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