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Zuchu opens up about why relationship with Diamond lasted ‘so long’

Tanzanian sensation, Zuchu, has opened up about her understanding and support of Diamond’s relationships with his baby mamas, particularly his recent interaction with Tanasha Donna during their son’s birthday celebration.

In a heartfelt interview with Re-Fresh Media, Zuchu shared her perspective on their unique family dynamic.

“I knew Diamond had kids when we started dating, and I knew he would be in their lives. If you dwell on what people say, you’ll never find happiness,” Zuchu revealed. She emphasized that co-parents should be present in their children’s lives, even beyond their own time. “They are family,” she expressed, “it was not an issue because when one has kids, they will always be a part of their lives.”

When asked about her role in raising Diamond’s children, Zuchu acknowledged that the primary responsibility lies with the parents. She modestly stated, “All the praises go to the parents; we are just family from a distance.” Zuchu further reflected on her own life, mentioning that her own father’s absence might have led her to appreciate the importance of being present for life events and birthdays, just as Diamond is for his children.

Zuchu addressed the curiosity surrounding her and Diamond’s relationship, saying, “Sometimes people wonder how we have lasted this long, so they are waiting for something little to see our part. I cannot argue with the public; they will win when something comes online, and people distort it.”

Recent rumors of their separation were put to rest when the couple publicly kissed during a performance, reaffirming their bond and commitment to one another.

Diamond’s mother, mama Dangote weighed in on the situation, emphasizing that she shouldn’t be compared to Zuchu. She clarified that she believed her grandson, not Tanasha, was the source of the gifts.

Mama Diamond also dismissed any claims of unfollowing Zuchu on social media, asserting that she was above such petty matters and that they are all part of the family. She urged everyone to refrain from causing unnecessary conflicts between herself and Zuchu.

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