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Zuchu will not enlarge her assets, she is content with her figure

By Rajab Zawadi January 26th, 2023 2 min read

Bongo flava singer Zuhura Othman, known by her stage name Zuchu, recently opened up about her desire to get married and cautioned her future husband about her physical appearance.

Zuchu spoke candidly about her concerns, saying that she doesn’t have a big butt and doesn’t want to conform to modern-day standards where women are pressured into getting butt or hip enlargement surgeries to fit a certain ideal.

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Singer Zuchu showcases her fashion sense
Singer Zuchu showcases her fashion sense

The petit chanteuse is comfortable with her body and wants her future partner to be too.

“Dear future husband to be, I know wherever you are, you are harboring so much expectations of me, moreso my physical appearance. But of those expectations you may be harboring about me, I want to you help you on one, just so you know, I have tiny butt my love.’” Zuchu posted on her recent Snapchat update.

Zuchu says she has noticed how most men are after well-endowed women, those with big backsides.

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Diamond and Zuchu performing
Diamond and Zuchu performing on stage together

Despite the rumours of an affair with her boss at WCB, Diamond Platnumz, Zuchu’s mother confirmed that she is still single and not seeing anyone.

Since the rumour emerged, the two singers have been using the situation as an instrument to promote their latest releases or shows.

Bongo star Zuchu.
Bongo star Zuchu. PHOTO| COURTESY

However, according to her mother, Khadija Kopa, her last-born daughter was single as a ten-bob coin.

“Forget the rumours that you have heard or read. Zuchu is still single. She has been like this for a while now. She is not engaged to anyone, let alone dating, because she is yet to introduce me to any man in her life as of this moment,” Kopa stated.

The legendary taarab singer believes that when Zuchu finally finds her match, it will be difficult to keep it a secret because she is famous.

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