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Zuchu’s cryptic message sparks speculation amid Tanasha’s move to Tanzania

Tanzanian music sensation Zuchu has ignited rumors of possible tensions with Tanasha Donna, Kenyan singer, and Diamond Platnumz’s ex-girlfriend, through a cryptic post on her Instagram stories.

In the mysterious message, Zuchu discusses an unwelcome visitor in her private space, likening it to a fly that has become so comfortable that it freely moves around.

The post reads, “Kuna nzi kaingia chumbani kwangu yani kashakua too confortabie mpaka anaruka ruka mbeia ya use wangu ama zake ama zangu. Nikimkamata atahadithia nzi wenzake spendi nzi”

(Translation: “There is a fly that entered my room, and it has become so comfortable that it is jumping around on my face, whether it’s its own or mine. When I catch it, it will have a story to tell to its fellow flies”).

While the message doesn’t explicitly mention Tanasha Donna, fans are speculating that the reference to a ‘fly’ invading her personal space might be an indirect jab at Diamond Platnumz’s Kenyan baby mama.

The relationship dynamics between Diamond Platnumz and Tanasha Donna have been a subject of public interest, especially concerning their son Naseeb Junior.

Recent reports have raised questions about Tanasha’s living situation in Tanzania.

Despite the uncertainties, Tanasha has been spotted spending time with Diamond’s family, and she was recently seen driving the white Land Cruiser gifted to her by Diamond a few years ago.

In an Instagram video on Wasafi TV, Tanasha was engaged in a friendly exchange with Diamond’s new signee, D Voice, extending congratulations on his recent achievements.

The brief interaction captured Tanasha acknowledging D Voice’s performance, expressing her enjoyment of his recent show.

“I saw you I enjoyed the show yesterday so much I was watching it,” Tanasha told D Voice.

Tanzanian media has suggested that Diamond might have facilitated her stay in Tanzania, potentially renting an apartment for her.

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