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Zuku offers credit to Kenyan customers affected by service outage

Internet service provider Zuku on Friday said that it will give credit to its customers affected by outages.

The homegrown East African brand under Wananchi Group has been on the receiving end the last couple of weeks due to frequent internet outages that have kept a number of its customers offline.

In an earlier statement, Zuku said this was due to a “technical fault”. The outage, according to the firm, had been caused by intermittent downtown on its network, and it would be affecting the internet coverage provided by Zuku.

“Zuku Fiber is experiencing intermittent downtime on its network in some areas, which may affect the quality of services. Our teams are working to restore services in the affected area within the shortest time possible,” Zuku Fiber management said in statement.

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In an updated statement the company said that its working on stabilising its services.

“As we continue with the stabilization efforts, we would also like to reassure our customers that Zuku Fibre will endeavour to offer credit for service outages to customers in the affected areas, as we have always done,” the company said.

In the fixed internet market, Zuku rivals Safaricom, which as of 2022, had made the highest profits.

Communications Authority (CA) data shows that Safaricom’s share rose to 35.6 per cent in September 2022, from June’s 34.3 per cent. The two companies control the market with a 65 per cent share.

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A year ago, a dissatisfied public member also penned a letter to the Communication Authority (CA) asking that action be taken against Zuku for offering poor internet services.

In the letter, he asked CA to have providers rate their services themselves, giving customers potential downtimes as percentages and providing customers with information about upcoming maintenance to avoid any inconveniences.

Other requests made to the company include; providing customers with proper compensation for any downtimes that surpass the percentages given in the agreement, during any unexpected downtimes, providing information on the cause, the expected timelines and any backup options during that period.

The civilian also asked that Zuku be ordered to provide easily reachable care services and provide a proper breakdown at the end of each billing cycle on uptimes and downtimes and potential compensation in terms of extra hours, cash refunds etc.

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