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Weatherman discredits heat wave ‘warning’

The Kenya Meteorological Department has dismissed the heat wave alert message that has been circulating on social media.

The misleading message, which has been shared widely, claims that Kenya will experience elevated temperatures for a period of 5 days.

However, the Kenya Meteorological Department’s Deputy Director Peter Ambenje has refuted the claims.

“Due to the Equinox phenomenon that will affect in the next 5 days. Pls stay indoors especially from 12pm-3pm daily. The temperature will fluctuate till 40 degrees Celsius. This can easily cause dehydration and sun stroke. (Ps: this phenomena is due to the sun directly positioned above the equator line.),” the message read in part.


The WhatsApp message went on to advise Kenyans, especially those living in the coastal region, to drink up to three litres of water daily to prevent dehydration, monitor their blood pressure as frequently as possible and take cold shower as frequently as possible.

Speaking to Nairobi News Ambejje said: “We are not expecting any heat waves because of the equinox. Those are just stories doing rounds on social media. There are places in Kenya where the heat gets to 40 degrees, but that is not out of the ordinary.”

“The equinox that people are talking about is simply the transition from the winter to spring, and this happens in March every year. It is more evident as you move further from the equator. The next one will take place in September,” he further clarified.

He termed the current high temperatures as usual fluctuations which shouldn’t be a cause for alarm.