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Ababu: I don’t need Raila to win an election

An increasingly defiant Budalang’i MP Ababu Namwamba on Sunday declared that he does not need ODM party leader Raila Odinga’s support to win any elective seat.

The former ODM secretary general said he will defend his parliamentary seat in another party and vowed to win by landslide without Mr Odinga’s backing.

Mr Namwamba has jolted the ODM party following his recent resignation. He is now leading what he has dubbed the “Mulembe Consciousness” campaign aimed at consolidating the Luhya vote ahead of the next elections.

“There is a narrative being peddled that it was Mr Odinga who helped me win the Budalang’i seat twice. This is the narrative I want to put a stop to by vying in a different party and I will trounce ODM candidate by far,” he said during a fund raiser at St Cecilia Magomere Catholic Church in his constituency.

The MP was accompanied by Nominated Jubilee Senator Beatrice Elachi.

“People forget very fast. I was the first person who introduced Mr  Odinga to Budalang’i electorate. Without my effort, Budalang’i was a Ford Kenya stronghold,” he added.

Mr Namwamba took a dig at the recent tour by Mr Odinga in Busia County, saying the he ferried leaders from other regions who have no understanding of local politics.

“You come to Busia, moving around with rejected leaders and parading some from as far as Nairobi and expecting to change the mood on the ground. That will never happen,” Mr Namwamba said.

He predicted the collapse of the party unless its elections board is reconstituted.

“I wonder how you can change an institution yet you retain the brain behind the rot of the same body at the helm. There was need for massive overhaul of the election board to cure buying of party tickets by unpopular candidates,” he said.

Elachi asked ODM party leader to allow the joint House committee discussing the fate of the electoral body to finish its work, saying continual threats to call for protests is likely to jeopardise the team’s work.