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Africa champion Karan Patel eyes memorable WRC Safari Rally

By Mercy Simiyu February 9th, 2024 2 min read

Africa Rally Champion Karan Patel is gearing up for the WRC Safari Rally 2024 with determination and a hunger for success. After facing mechanical issues that led to him not finishing the rally in the past two years, Patel is steadfast in his pursuit of a top ten overall finish and aims to secure a podium position in his category. With adjustments to his car set to be unveiled soon, Patel is confident that he and his team have addressed the issues that plagued them in previous rallies.

“This time round hopefully we can accomplish a top three finish in the WRC2 category, hopefully a top ten finish overall,” says Patel. “despite having two DNFs in the last two we are hoping for a good finish.”

Patel emphasizes the significance of the WRC Safari Rally as a platform for local drivers to showcase their talent on an international stage. He believes that a strong performance in the rally can attract interest from worldwide sponsors, opening doors for opportunities to compete in more prestigious events around the globe.

“The WRC Safari Rally is a chance for us to demonstrate our skills as a team preparation wise and as a driver, when the whole world is watching us. It’s a prestigious event and one that requires a lot of dedication.” explains Patel.

With the rally now scheduled for Easter, Patel acknowledges the unpredictable weather conditions that come with the change in timing. However, he is determined not to rely solely on weather predictions, having been let down by them in the past. Instead, Patel is focused on ensuring that he and his team are prepared for any scenario they may encounter on the rally stages.

“I do not depend on the weather forecast, it’s always let me down in the past or just changes at the last minute,” states Patel. “It’s a matter of getting there on that particular weekend and then finding out what is in store for us. Come what may, we are ready for the challenge”

As the WRC Safari Rally 2024 draws near, Karan Patel and his team are poised to tackle the challenges ahead with confidence and determination. With their sights set on a top ten overall finish and a podium position in their category, they are ready to showcase their talent and make their mark on one of the most iconic rallies in the world.

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