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Akothee says grand wedding was a ‘video shoot’, no hopes for reconciliation

In a weekend social media live session that sent shockwaves across the internet, popular Kenyan artist and entrepreneur Akothee addressed lingering questions about her relationship status with her manager and ex-lover, Nelly Oaks.

Fans were left in suspense after the singer confessed that Nelly Oaks still held a special place in her heart.

The revelation prompted a flurry of inquiries about Akothee’s past marriage to Swiss man Denis Schweizer, whom she affectionately nicknamed Mr Omosh.

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The union, which was celebrated in a grand wedding ceremony, spectacularly unraveled just two months after the lavish event.

However, Akothee dropped a bombshell, claiming that what many believed to be a wedding was, in fact, a video shoot.

Akothee clarified, stating, “It was a video shoot, not a wedding, you don’t have bundles?” She continued to explain to netizens that Denis was never her lover but a video vixen.

The singer revealed that she parted ways with Denis immediately after their honeymoon in Greece, discovering intolerable aspects of him.

During a live session last year, Akothee disclosed, “I exited the relationship in June. Usually, I exit my relationships while still in them. During our honeymoon, I discovered some things that I couldn’t tolerate.”

Responding to questions about their divorce, Akothee shared in a later live session on October 31, 2023, that the legal process was underway.

She revealed details about his family, including a meeting with his mother during her birthday celebration in Italy.

Akothee recalled the encounter with Denis’s mother, affirming his Swiss heritage and family background.

She shared, “Those who are coming up with ideas like Omosh was a Pakistani, that is wrong. He was Swiss. Born and raised in Switzerland. He comes from a family of five. His mother is a single mum.”

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While Akothee acknowledged her naivety, she expressed gratitude for the love Denis provided during their time together.

Reflecting on the failed marriage, she wrote, “Denis found me at the time I was ready to settle down and gave me the love, attention, and company that I needed then.” However, she confessed that staying in the marriage would have jeopardized her well-being.

In her candid disclosure, Akothee admitted to starting an exit plan during their honeymoon. “If I continued with the narrative of staying in this marriage after all that I know now, my life would have been shorter than the shortest verse in the Bible,” she wrote, closing the chapter on her past and focusing on her present and future.