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FINALLY! What Omosh’s mother told Akothee

Singer Akothee has provided some unknown details regarding her now ex-husband Denis Schweizer’s family and upbringing.

Akothee not only dispelled myths but also provided a glimpse into his background and her interactions with his family members.

In a Live session on October 31, 2023, Akothee clarified that Dennis is indeed Swiss, born and raised in Switzerland.

She further explained that her estranged husband is the second born in a family of five.

One intriguing revelation she shared was her encounter with Omosh’s mother during her birthday.

Recalling their meeting during her birthday celebration in Italy, the singer said she had the privilege of engaging in conversation with her in Duestche (German).

Akothee emphasized the authenticity of Omosh’s Swiss heritage and his family background.

“Those who are coming up with ideas like Omosh was a Pakistani, that is wrong. He was Swiss. Born and raised in Switzerland. He comes from a family of five. His mother is a singer mum,” she said.

Akothee’s conversation with Omosh’s mother touched on various aspects of their lives, where she candidly shared her own experiences as a single mother of five children and her past relationships.

“He comes from a family of five. His mother is a singer mum. He is the second born. I met his mother when we went to Italy. The mother usually celebrates her birthday in Italy. I went there and I was introduced,” she said.

Akothee said she tried the relationship and it was not working and that is why she quit.

Regarding their divorce, Akothee revealed during the live session that the legal process was underway.

“Going through a divorce right now. By the time I was addressing those things in my social media, I was so done with the relationship. June was difficult and July was hard.”

Singer Akothee got married to Denis Schweizer, six months after they met.

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