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Al-Shabaab release video on El-Adde attack

Al-Shabaab has released a propaganda video on the attack on the Kenya Defence Forces camp at El-Adde, Somalia.

In the 50-minute footage, the terrorist group claims to have killed more than 100 Kenyan soldiers during the dawn raid on January 15.

The video shows a stockpile of military hardware, including vehicles, which the group claims to have seized from the KDF during the attack.

It also shows a suicide bomber driving a vehicle loaded with explosives that go off at the entrance to the Kenyan camp. Images of the incident are clear from the video.

In the video of the largest single attack against the Kenyan military in Somalia, the attackers seem to face little resistance as they head to the camp, shooting as they go in.

Captured in the documentary is the same extreme brutality seen at Westgate Mall, with the terrorists executing injured soldiers, some of whom attempted to retreat from the camp in an armoured personnel carrier.


Some Kenyan soldiers were taken captive and interviewed on camera. They were ordered to narrate how the attack took place.

All of them admit the enemy overran the camp, with one of them appealing to President Uhuru Kenyatta to withdraw the troops from Somalia.

Government spokesman Eric Kiraithe on Sunday said he could not comment on the video because he had not viewed it.

KDF has generally been slow in providing details of the attack, including the number of soldiers who lost their lives.

After bombs in the vehicle explode, heavy gunfire ensues as the terrorists, clad in military fatigue and orange headbands, storm the camp, firing rocket-propelled grenades.

The terrorist group does not say how many soldiers were captured. One of the captives said there were 200 Kenyan soldiers in the camp at the time of the attack.

After the raid, the insurgents head to El-Adde Town, which appears to have been deserted by the locals.