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All MPs should be quarantined – Murungi

South Imenti MP Kathuri Murungi now wants all members of the National Assembly to go into quarantine, arguing that they interacted with legislators who jetted back from from UK.

In a lengthy social media post, Mr Murungi recounted how several MPs jetted back from the UK and went straight to the National Assembly and interacted with colleagues.

He explained how he experienced Malaria-like symptoms last Thursday, forcing him to rush to hospital where he was treated for blood infection.


The MP added that on remembering his interactions with his colleagues in Parliament, he decided to go for voluntary Covid-19 tests at the Aga Khan Hospital in Nairobi.

“I remembered that I saw one of them in the chamber at the entrance seated but not so comfortable. She was a bit uneasy… The samples were drawn on arrival for onward transmission to Kemri labs. I could see how tense the medics were as they handled me. They were not sure of my status,” the MP.


“It was agreed that I should be put under compulsory isolation at the Aga Khan Hospital since I had confirmed to them that I had interacted with members of Parliament who had arrived from the UK. I just wanted to be sure of my health and that of my family,” he posted.

The legislator said he remained in isolation from Sunday until Tuesday afternoon when Kemri (Kenya Medical Research Institute) confirmed that he was not infected with the coronavirus.

“I encourage my colleague honourable members to do self-isolation for 14 days and if necessary check yourself into any hospital since an early detection can be managed. It is good to be sure than sorry,” he advised.

The legislator called on Kenyans to adhere to social distancing and hygiene guidelines to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

He said his family’s foundation has donated Sh100,000 for setting up handwashing facilities in markets within South Imenti Constituency.