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Alma Mutheu: I’m not dating Gift Musiq, but I would love to have him

Tiktok star Alma Mutheu has downplayed rumours that she is dating her content creator partner and gospel singer Gift Musiq.

However, given a chance, the 25 year old said she wouldn’t mind being romantically involved with the hunk.

The pair have formed a formidable platonic relationship over the past few months, necessitated by the skits they do together where they play lovers.

But a majority of their fans are of the view that there could more than the skits that the duo have been doing.

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“No, we are not dating. But given a chance, I would date him, because he is an amazing person, very supportive,” Mutheu said.

Although Mutheu has confessed that she already likes, she remains cautious as she lets things flow.

“I still don’t know much (about him). I’m still getting to know more about him,” she said.

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Since breaking into the limelight in 2020, the career of the ever jovial 24-year-old Tiktoker has been on the rise, even after she differed her studies in the university to focus on content creation.

“I found studies to be a little bit hectic and I wanted to focus on one thing which is content creation. I don’t regret the move because I wouldn’t be where I am right now,” Mutheu is on record for saying.

“Since I started creating content I have made more than Sh2 million. It transformed my life. Was I to leave such opportunities? I can always go back to school,” said Mutheu about her deferred Bachelor’s Degree in English and Literature.

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