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Amber Ray trolled over ‘photoshopped’ Instagram post

Kenyan socialite Amber Ray has found herself in the eye of a storm over suspicion of photoshopping an Instagram post featuring her in the company of her partner, Kennedy Rapudo and their son.

In the picture, the trio are seated side by side on high stools, radiating an aura of togetherness and happiness.

However, what was intended to be a heartwarming family moment has become a subject of controversy after hawk-eyed fans spotted a discrepancy. 

In the eyes of Amber Ray’s followers, her left leg appears noticeably slimmer than the right one in what some have been quick to interpret as a case of photo manipulation gone awry.

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The socialite is now facing accusations of attempting to portray herself as slimmer through deceptive editing.

Within moments of the image’s upload, social media platforms were flooded with comments and memes, with many users weighing in on the supposed blunder.

Some fans came to Amber Ray’s defense, saying the distortion might have been caused by camera angles or lighting, while trolled her for her “poor”  skills in Photoshop.

Amid the raging debate, Amber Ray maintained her silence, refusing to directly address the controversy. 

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Here are some of the comments from Amber Ray’s fans: 

asugopauline98’s – Is that mguu for me?photo shop itawamaliza 😂😂😂

kairetushii’s – @asugopauline98 Photoshop pia wewe,kaskie vibaya kwa your broke boyfriend

__am__wendy’s – @asugopauline98 wewe ndio umeona peke yako Mimi sijaona kitu😂😂😂😂

__am__wendy’s – @asugopauline98 but ni kakonde I dunno why 😂😂😂 ama hips imekunywa🖐️🖐️

kairetushii’s – @asugopauline98 I know, plus it’s a free world let her be.

shirley.nestor’s – The Mguu is not mguing our kamba queen.

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