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Lunch time panic as ‘auctioneers’ descend on Kaldis Coffee House – VIDEO

Diners at Kaldis Coffee House along Kimathi Street in Nairobi on Wednesday afternoon had their lunch rudely interrupted after people claiming to be ‘auctioneer’ descended on the facility and started throwing out furniture on the streets.

The group of five men claimed they had been sent to close down the business because the owner had an outstanding debt.

What shocked the management and the diners was that the ‘auctioneers’ neither had police escort nor any form of identification.


“They just stormed here without warning and started harassing our customers, claiming they are auctioneers. When we asked for their identification they started panicking,” a staffer told Nairobi News.

It took the intervention of security men stationed at the adjacent Ronalo Restaurant to send away the said ‘auctioneers’.

Nairobi News is yet to establish what exactly the ‘auctioneers’ wanted.