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Azziad Defamation: TikToker Brian Chira released on Sh50,000 cash bail

Controversial TikToker Brian Chira was released on Sh50,000 cash bail with an alternative of a bond of Sh100,000 after appearing in court on Monday, July 31.

The content creator was arrested on Thursday , July 27, and was charged with cyber harassment. He was accused of using his TikTok account to defame radio host and influencer Azziad Nasenya.

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According to the charge sheet, Chira was charged with offences under section 27 of the computer misuse and cybercrime act.

Chira is accused of using defamatory statements against Azziad through his TikTok on a live session and also sharing her personal contacts with his audience without her consent.

“Some time last week he went live online and also shared Azziad’s contacts. My client has been receiving many calls and messages, some of which are insults, since then and my client was not happy. Chira allegedly committed computer misuse and cybercrimes and my client decided to pursue the matter legally. The matter is under investigation,” Azziad’s lawyer Gertrude Kibare said.

Chira, however, denied the charges before Kibera Principal Magistrate Renee Kitagwa.

The case is to be mentioned on September 12.

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In a video shared on social media, Chira uttered unprintable words against Azziad, which were highly defamatory.

Chira was arrested last week and was booked at Wilson Airport police station after Azziad reported the incident to the police.

Chira acknowledged his actions, expressing remorse for his offensive behaviour.

In a video circulating online, Chira is heard admitting that he insulted Azziad online.

“I insulted her online and she reported it to the police, talk to the officer he will explain, all I was asking is for you to assist,” Chira could be heard talking on the phone while in police custody.

Chira has a history of hurling insults at Kenyan celebrities, with another incident involving him calling out Mulamwah for refusing to take a photo with him in the past.

The Kenya Cyber Crime bill protects Kenyans against online harassment. It carries a fine of Sh20 million or a jail term of 10 years if found guilty of publishing false and misleading information.

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