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Azziad Nasenya: Mubaba for me? Never ever!

Renowned TikToker Azziad Nasenya is determined to set the record straight regarding her success and its persistent association with ‘wababa.’

Azziad, who has returned to acting while juggling multiple roles, has attributed her ability to handle various responsibilities to the grace of God.

However, she still has to confronts online trolls who persistently tie her success to ‘wababa.’

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In a recent interview, Azziad expressed her frustration with those undermining her efforts.

“Crazy! What I say is this, okay, this is a joke. Last time I checked, behind every successful man, there’s a woman. I’ve never seen behind every successful woman there is a man. I think that is backward mentality, I don’t even know what to call it.”

Azziad also expressed sadness over the persistence of such outdated perspectives in today’s society.

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She also revealed that she finds solace in the unwavering support of her boyfriend, who stands by her side amid the constant scrutiny.

“I also have a supportive boyfriend whom I am grateful to, I have supportive parents. It feels bad – rumors – at the end of the day because you are human. But again, let’s go back to people who matter; they do not care, they do not trust these people. I have a supportive system behind the internet that always has my back,” she said.

Azziad also spoke about seeking comfort in prayer amidst the criticism, highlighting the pain of being falsely accused.

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Despite the hurtful associations, she remains grateful for her hard work, acknowledging the favor she has received. She said she finds reassurance in the belief that those who truly matter, including her friends and brands, understand her dedication and don’t lend credence to baseless rumors.

The TikTok sensation also stressed the importance of self-investment, citing it as a key factor in attracting opportunities from brands that recognize her contributions. Azziad mentions long-standing partnerships with brands such as Visit Dubai, emphasizing the value of networking and putting oneself out there.

“These are brands I have worked with for a long time. For example, Visit Dubai came in this year. Again, kuja kulearn network. You never know who you are gonna meet. Visit Dubai, I got it from an agency in Nigeria. It’s just about packaging, how you present yourself. People are watching. So whatever you do, do it with all your might, with all the energy, push yourself, invest in yourself. For you to get money, you have to spend money. The moment you fear investing in yourself, hakuna kitu utapata.”